Meet the Makers: W&P Design

Each month on the blog, we’ll be profiling the incredibly talented makers behind the unique products that go into our curated gift boxes. First up: Eric Prum and Josh Williams of Brooklyn-based W&P Design.
When we first discovered W&P’s pineapple-shaped tumbler and bottle opener, we knew that the founders probably shared our love for clever design, whimsical touches—and perfectly crafted cocktails. So, we asked them to spill the details about their inspirations, favorite gifts, and more.
The W&P Design brand seems to focus on savoring the finer elements of life when it comes to drinking and eating. How does that philosophy play out in your everyday lives?
“Thanks! We think that drinking and eating should be simple, social, and fun. Our products and books reflect an appreciation for thoughtful and social consumption of all kinds.”

The products you create are some of the most perfect gifts we’ve seen. Do you take gift-ability into account when designing new items?
“Absolutely. We try and design products that are functional, useful, fun, and have a giftable element.”What’s your favorite W&P product to give as a gift?
The Bartender’s Knife. It’s a great gift for the cocktail enthusiast, as well as someone who is just getting into drink-making. It also works as a fantastic paring knife.”
Photos courtesy of W&P Design

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
“There are many, but my favorites tend to be books.”
You guys seem like you’d throw a really great cocktail party. Any tips you can share?
“Cocktail parties are meant to be fun. We both love entertaining and have a lot of fun with the preparation that goes into a great party. A good meat/cheese and bread board is an easy way to please most everyone.”

*Editor’s note: For extra inspiration, head to The Kitchen, W&P Design’s gorgeous blog, and check out the Drink Finder. You can search for cocktail recipes by spirit or season—sign us up for a Jalapeno Avocado Margarita, please!

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